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If The U.S. Government Says You Are Ineligible To Immigrate Or Enter The U.S.

If the U.S. government has determined that you are inadmissible to visit or immigrate to the U.S. for any reason but your goal to do so is compelling, the inadmissibility rating may not be the end of the story. An inadmissibility waiver or permission to reapply may be available to you. The key is to discover and document your reasons for requesting a waiver or permission to reapply and explain your reasons.

The most common successful justification for obtaining a waiver of inadmissibility is to avoid hardship to a U.S. citizen. So, if your loved one is labeled as inadmissible but you need their help to care for your aging parents, this may be a valid reason to apply for a 601, 601A or 212 waiver of inadmissibility.

Requesting an inadmissibility waiver or permission to reapply is not a simple process. It is not something to attempt on your own. You need an experienced immigration law attorney on your side – especially so they can represent you if a government agency asks you for more information or challenges your petition in any way. At ERM Immigration, we are persistent and determined to help your clients overcome barriers to immigration whenever possible.

Waivers For Permission To Reapply May Be Relevant In Your Case

The reason(s) the U.S. government says you may not enter or reenter the country may be one of these:

  • A criminal record in your country or in the U.S.
  • Drug-related offenses, abuse, addiction or related history
  • Security issues
  • Medical reasons, including physical or mental disabilities that may lead to harm to others
  • Immigration violations such as overstaying a visa and/or previous immigration fraud
  • A record of previous deportation or removal from the U.S.
  • A record of having been a public charge in the U.S. (a recipient of welfare benefits, for example)

You may be able to overcome blocks to your immigration or visit to the U.S. through one of these legal methods:

  • A waiver through application I-600 for someone currently outside the U.S.
  • A waiver through application I-601A for an applicant who is present inside the U.S.
  • Permission to reapply after removal through the petition form I-212

Never consider your immigration story hopeless while you have the opportunity to explore options with our help. We are eager to evaluate your case and make appropriate recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Understanding Inadmissibility Waivers | Lawyers In Seattle Here For You

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