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The Seeds Of ERM Immigration Law, PLLC: The First Client

I am attorney Emily Reber-Mariniello. This is the story of my first immigration client.

An Unlikely Trip To Italy

In the Spring of 2011, my best friend convinced me to take a trip I didn’t want to take. She wanted to go to Italy. “The men are too much, and I’m not in the mood,” was my response. But she had never been to Italy and wanted to explore her roots, being half Italian. I had been before and had little interest in romance, so Italy didn’t feel right for the moment. This may sound offensive to some, but I assure you the ending will overcome.

It was off the beaten path, but I said to my friend, “The Blue Grotto sounds cool, I’d like to see that.” She said let’s do it, and that is how she convinced me to take the trip and how we ended up in the south of Italy. A few weeks later, we were off to Rome. After a long, slow and smelly train ride from Rome to Naples, standing between cars the entire way, we arrived at the birthplace of pizza – Napoli – and we ate all of it. That evening, I booked a room for the next night in Sorrento, which seemed reasonably priced and appeared near the Blue Grotto. The next day, we blindly boarded the ferry for Capri.

A Chance Encounter On A Ferry

On the ferry, we met a nice fellow on vacation from Rome. We hit it off friendly-like. He invited us to a beach on the backside of the Island and we considered saying yes, but needed to drop our bags first. We got off the boat and I handed a piece of paper with the hotel address to the taxi driver and asked, “Can you take us here?”

He politely laughed and said, “This is in Sorrento,” and grandly motioned with a famous Italian-style gesture across the bay toward the large silhouette of a volcano. “You have to take a boat, not a taxi!” One thing led to another, and our friend from the boat kindly got us where we needed to be, set up in a hotel, and took us with him to the beach club.

On To The Beach Club And A Lifeguard

On funicular, what felt like 1000 narrow winding streets, and over 500 stairs, we were lost but absolutely gob-smacked at the Da Luigi Beach Club views. On the rocky beach we arrived at what I could identify only from Dolce and Gabbana advertisements – il Faraglioni. One of the most beautiful scenes you can imagine.

We relaxed; “taking the sun,” snacking, drinking and going for a dip in the salt-dense and balmy-warm Mediterranean. Little animals were living everywhere. My curiosity got the best of me, and I gave one a little poke. Well, it poked back, and I was stung. I went to one of the lifeguards to ask if this animal was dangerous. In typical Italian fashion, his response was, “Only the lifeguards are dangerous on this beach.” I smiled and rolled my eyes. This turned out to be my response to much of what this particular lifeguard said to me…for the next decade or so.

A Love Match, A Law Firm And A Family

Long story short, one month later, I was still in Capri, living with that Italian lifeguard in a tiny villa by the sea. Four months later, we were together in San Francisco and a few months after that, I was engaged to him, one of these Italian men I swore off before ever meeting. Ten months after that meeting, we were married, I filed the paperwork for my first “client’s” green card, and ERM Immigration Law, PLLC, was born.

A year after that, we had a human baby. Nine years after that, we had another baby. And today, I am still rolling my eyes pretty often, but I am grateful for getting on the wrong boat that led to a family and career I love.

The Power Of Immigration Law And Your Lawyer’s Authentic Sense Of Caring

I learned the joy of uniting people with people, places and jobs that they love and the incredible value and privilege of global mobility. I appreciate how hard people work to get to the United States to what they care most about. I came to understand how hard it is to wait and to be anxious or wonder if what you are doing is right. I try not to ever lose sight of those memories when helping others.

The importance of empathy and authenticity in your lawyer’s practice cannot be overemphasized. Almost any lawyer can learn immigration law if they want to, but caring also matters a great deal. We dedicate our best efforts as well as experience and knowledge to each client.

Our Commitment To Clients Today

We are here to help you find an immigration option or be honest when there isn’t one. Through my own experience, my love for people, and my passion for justice, I have grown to desire to help immigrants; but, when we can’t, we’ll be honest.

You should not only expect results when you hire an attorney but also to feel that your journey matters from day one. You shouldn’t be scared after talking to an attorney, you should feel informed and empowered – it should be a calm, professional, results-oriented and fair experience. We do all we can to ensure that happens for our clients. Whether it is your job or your husband driving you nuts, we can keep your eyes rolling and your heart smiling from the United States for years to come.

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