Getting The Results You Should Expect When Hiring An Immigration Attorney

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The Insights And Guidance You Can Expect When Meeting With Us

Your first meeting with an attorney at ERM Immigration will no doubt make a large impression. First, please understand that we practice law with a calm approach, but we are well-prepared with all the tools the law can provide.

We do not put on a formal appearance at our firm. We’re regular people who happen to know how to help you pursue your goals. We can help you make a choice and understand your options. We’re not going to force you in a certain direction.

Our Office Atmosphere Welcomes You

There’s a casual, welcoming feel to our office in an old brick building. The atmosphere is laid-back and casual. We have a reception and waiting room. There is no parking right next to our building, but visitors easily find nearby street parking.

You’ll meet with an attorney at your first consultation. We will send you our fee structure and price ranges ahead of time so you will know upfront what to expect in terms of costs.

Choose The Way We’ll Meet With You

We accommodate clients’ preferences and needs when it comes to the style of the first consultation and subsequent ones, too. You can choose between a video or phone consultation lasting 30-60 minutes or an in-office consultation lasting 60 minutes.

Contacting us is the first step for you and we look forward to hearing from you. Call 206-745-9241 or send an email message to get an appointment on our calendar and start the conversation.