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Helping Hundreds Of Clients With EB-2 Visas

An EB-2 visa is an excellent option if you do not fit into the criteria for an EB-1 visa, but you still wish to work permanently in the United States. Another benefit is EB-2 visas often lead to a green card faster than EB-1 or EB-3 visas do.

Having worked with hundreds of clients to obtain EB-2 visas for them, our Seattle team at ERM Immigration Law, PLLC, can help you, too. We have worked with people in various industries in countries around the world. No matter your background, we know how to develop a practical strategy that leads to lawful permanent residency.

Who Can Apply For An EB-2?

The qualifications for an EB-1 visa for aliens of extraordinary ability are very strict. However, if you hold an advanced degree, you may be a perfect fit for an EB-2 visa. The criteria for these visas include:

  • Holding an advanced university degree
  • Having an extraordinary ability in science, business or art

You must also have an existing job offer from an American employer or an approved labor certification.

What Is The National Interest Waiver?

However, there is a way around these two requirements if you obtain a National Interest Waiver (NIW). An NIW may be right for you if you can show that:

  1. Your potential job has merit and national importance.
  2. You are qualified for your potential job.
  3. The U.S. would benefit from waiving the requirements of an existing job offer or labor certification.

The flexibility offered by the NIW is very desirable. Proving that you deserve one to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, though, is not easy. We will advocate for you during the petitioning phase and your interview. We can also help you file an appeal, if necessary.

Talk To An Immigration Lawyer About An EB-2 Or NIW

Get our experienced team on your side as you seek long-term employment and permanent residency in the United States. We are ready to help you make this dream a reality. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our Seattle staff members, please call 206-745-9241 or send us an email.