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3 family members that only citizens can help to secure green cards

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Immigration Law

Immigration is a way for people to improve their families’ circumstances. All it takes is one family member to secure a job or visa for numerous family members to obtain immigration opportunities in the U.S.

When an immigrant has either a visa or a green card, there are relatively strict limits on which family members are eligible for related visas or green cards. Generally, immigrants and permanent residents can only help spouses and certain children from their families enter the United States. However, if immigrants naturalize and become citizens, their opportunities for helping loved ones enter the United States expand as well. These three types of family members could potentially join someone in the United States after they naturalize but not before.

Their married children

There are visa and green card programs for the children of those lawfully in the United States. Those programs generally only apply to unmarried children. In some cases, the age of the children can be a deciding factor as well, with those under the age of 21 receiving priority consideration over older children in certain circumstances. Those with married children generally cannot help them enter the United States unless they become citizens themselves.

Their parents

Adults who enter the United States for education or employment opportunities often owe some of their success in life to the hard work and sacrifices of their parents. They may aspire to bring their parents to the United States to help them enjoy their golden years in comfort. Those with visas or green cards generally cannot help their parents lawfully enter the country, but naturalized citizens can help get their parents green cards.

Their siblings

Many people are fortunate to have close relationships with their siblings. They may even say that their brother or sister is their best friend. Those that hope to help their siblings lawfully enter the United States and live here permanently will typically need to be citizens to do so. Siblings of United States citizens, much like their parents, can potentially qualify for a green card based on their relationship.

Although naturalization is a lengthy process, it is worthwhile for many individuals, especially those who hope to bring their loved ones to the United States. Learning more about family immigration rules can help people make the most of their lawful presence in the country.